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About Music on the Westside

Music on the Westside offers Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Voice, Ukulele, and Violin lessons.
Their class for Kids Age 4 – 6 is an adorable and educational class created to spark you child’s love for music for their whole life with an introduction to drums, keyboard, and guitar as a band! Lots of learning in the fun packed class!

Their mission involves establishing a music-centric community where people from diverse age groups and backgrounds can unite to express their fondness for this universal form of communication.

They hold the belief that music possesses the ability to transcend obstacles and draw individuals closer, irrespective of their dissimilarities. By fostering connections, fostering inventiveness, and encouraging personal development through collective musical encounters, their objective is to fashion an environment where all individuals feel esteemed and encompassed. Comprehensive Educational Opportunities: Music on the Westside is fully dedicated to delivering comprehensive educational opportunities for individuals spanning various ages and proficiency levels. Whether one is a novice taking up an instrument for the first time or an accomplished musician aspiring to broaden their horizons, their programs are constructed to cater to everyone’s requirements. From group sessions to individual guidance, they present a range of alternatives to suit diverse learning approaches and preferences.

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