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Kid-Friendly Hikes In and Around Albuquerque

Spending time admiring nature and doing some walking with the family sounds like a great plan!
You will get to discover beautiful scenery and many kid-friendly hikes in and around Albuquerque to enjoy with every member of the family.

Here’s a list of the best kid-friendly hikes in and around Albuquerque, so prepare your comfortable shoes and get ready to enjoy these magical places and views!


Atrisco Dr. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120

Boca Negra Canyon

Walk for approximately an hour and see more than 100 petroglyphs and amazing rocky views! This short trail is a great idea to do some walking with the entire family… it is one of the more popular spots for a reason! Experience it for yourself and create beautiful memories!


Interdune Boardwalk at White Sands National Park

This elevated boardwalk leads you through a scenic view of the dune field and the Sacramento Mountains. Enjoy exhibits, learn about the science happening in the place, see the amazing wildlife, and more. It is fully accessible for wheelchairs, strollers, and any other wheeled device.


208 Cruz Alta Road, Taos, NM 8757

Williams Lake Trail

This is the perfect location for a magical family day. You will see the amazing lake and wildlife, and enjoy nature like never before. There are activities to do and is dog-friendly too! Don’t miss the chance to see this astonishing paradise-like place.

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