kid-friendly hikes in and around Albuquerque

Spending time admiring nature and doing some walking with the family sounds like a great plan! You will get to discover beautiful scenery and many kid-friendly hikes in and around Albuquerque to enjoy with every member of the family. Here’s a list of the best kid-friendly hikes in and around Albuquerque, so prepare your comfortable shoes and get ready to enjoy these magical places and views!

The Inscription Trail at El Morro National Park

Where: NM-53, Ramah, NM 87321

You will see hundreds of Spanish and Anglo inscriptions, pre-historical petroglyphs and breathtaking views!

This loop trail is wheelchair accessible with assistance, paved, and ½ mile in length.

La Pasada Encantada Trail at Lincoln National Forest

Where: 3463 Las Palomas Rd, Alamogordo, NM 88310

This 0.4-mile-long trail offers regular interpretive signs as well as signs in Braille.

It is an easy hike bordered by railroad ties, this allows the easy use for those using assistive canes! 

A perfect plan to enjoy with the entire family!

Boca Negra Canyon at Petroglyph National Monument

Where: Atrisco Dr. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120

Walk for approximately an hour and see more than 100 petroglyphs and amazing rocky views!

This short trail is a great idea to do some walking with the entire family… it is one of the more popular spots for a reason! Experience it for yourself and create beautiful memories!

Interdune Boardwalk at White Sands National Park

Where: White Sands National Monument Historic District, New Mexico, USA

This elevated boardwalk leads you through a scenic view of the dune field and the Sacramento Mountains.

Enjoy exhibits, learn about the science happening in the place, see the amazing wildlife, and more. It is fully accessible for wheelchairs, strollers, and any other wheeled device.

Butterfly Trail at Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Where: 4200 E Pine Lodge Rd, Roswell, NM 88201

This 0.25 miles easy trail is super fun for all ages.

Discover the wetland, learn about the area, the amazing insects and plants, and enjoy seeing butterflies around you in this magical place!

Petroglyph Trail at Chaco Culture National Historic Park

Where: 1808 CR 7950 Nageezi, NM 87037

Walk along the cliff face between the sites on the Petroglyph Trail.

This ¼ mile walk will allow seeing amazing petroglyphs and guides will teach you how they may be interpreted! The entire family will love this easy, 30-minute trail.

Rio Grande Nature Center Trail at Rio Grande Nature Center State Park

Where: 2901 Candelaria Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107

This 1.8 km. round trail is perfect to visit with the entire family!

You can catch sights of a beautiful river and is for all levels of difficulty. The trail offers many activity options and it is open year-round!

Entrance Trail at Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Where: 727 Carlsbad Cavern Hwy, Carlsbad, NM, USA

You will get to see amazing views of the earliest-found formations, and the breathtaking entrance to the caverns!

Kids will love this movie-like place! Create amazing memories surrounded by the magic of nature.

The Headland Trail at El Morro National Park

Where: NM-53, Ramah, NM 87321

This 2-mile loop includes The Inscription Trail and continues for you to be rewarded with astonishing views of the Zuni Mountains, volcanic crafters, and the El Morro Valley.

Don’t miss the chance to see amazing scenery and having a really nice family day.

Williams Lake Trail

Where: 208 Cruz Alta Road, Taos, NM 8757

This is the perfect location for a magical family day.

You will see the amazing lake and wildlife, and enjoy nature like never before. There are activities to do and is dog-friendly too! Don’t miss the chance to see this astonishing paradise-like place.